Serving Tray with Gold Handles

Serving Tray with Gold Handles

10" x 22"
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Serving Tray with Gold Handles handcrafted in Franklin, TN.

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Cutting boards should never be submerged in water for extended periods of time or put in the dishwasher. Never place hot pots and pans or other very hot items on the wood cutting board surface as it may burn and discolor. After every use, brush with soapy warm water, rinse and dry thoroughly.


A few times a year, or more with heavier use, we recommend re-seasoning your cutting board. When your board becomes lighter in color and feels 'dry' to the touch, it's time to re-season your board. House of Wards Woodworking uses Walrus Cutting Board Oil to season our cutting boards during construction; however, any commercially-available cutting board conditioner that utilizes mineral oil and beeswax will suffice. This wood conditioning treatment helps prevent staining, cracking, and food odor absorption. Do not use olive oil or other cooking oils to seal your board as these oils can turn rancid over time. Simply rub a small amount of the conditioner onto a clean, dry cutting board, with a clean rag. Wipe the conditioner in the direction of the wood grain and let soak for a few minutes. Any excess should be buffed off with a clean rag, in the direction of the grain of the wood, until the board has a smooth sheen.
Care Cards are available with your purchase.