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Cutting Board - Standard

Cutting Board - Standard

10" x 14"
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Handcrafted of any variation of Maple, Walnut or Cherry

Standard thickness is 1 1/8" to 1 1/4"

10" x 14" (standard) 

Custom sizes available upon request

If item is out of stock, please allow 2 weeks to handcraft your item.  Your order will still be processed, but you will be contacted asap about delivery. 

If interested in a custom size, please reach out to us at 


General Care Instructions

Cutting boards should never be submerged in water for extended periods of time or put in the dishwasher. Never place hot pots and pans or other very hot items on the wood cutting board surface as it may burn and discolor. After every use, brush with soapy warm water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Cutting Board Conditioner Application

A few times a year, or more with heavier use, we recommend re-seasoning your cutting board. When your board becomes lighter in color and feels 'dry' to the touch, it's time to re-season your board. House of Wards Woodworking recommends Walrus Cutting Board Oil